Thursday, January 28, 2016

How We Met....

So the first part of this blog will be me catching up on Our marriage, engagement, and dating days!

When people ask how Zach and I met I usually just say that we met through mutual friends, because the real story takes a lot longer to explain! So here it goes:

Zach and I went to the same high school, junior high, in fact we even went to the same preschool but our paths never really crossed. Unless you count the days I was in band and they made  us play during the high school basketball games (Zach played basketball in high school). So fast forward to after high school and after zachs mission.

It was the end of march and I was on Instagram Zach had posted a picture with his friends. In the picture Zach was wearing a Panda shirt! Now FYI I Love animal shirts so I decided to comment on it to see if maybe he got it from the website I usually buy my animal shirts from.

After that we started talking on Facebook and he finally asked me out! We went miniture golfing, ate at Cafe Rio, and got Slurpee from 7/11 (which is  adorable because we got married on 7/11). When he dropped me off at home we talked in his car for hours! Later that night he text me to thank me for the date. I pulled a really bold move and asked him to go to a Jazz game the following week. And the rest is history!